Bang Trim 10 min


A touch-up between cuts to keep bangs or fringe looking fresh

Adult Buzz Cut 60 min


A simple clipper cut with guard. No fade techniques.

Clean Up - Beard & Neck Trim 15 min


A touch-up between cuts to keep beards and necks groomed.

Adult Barber / Gent hair cut 30 min


Clipper or scissor over comb cut for super short hair. Includes wash and blow-dry

Adult - Short 60 min

Rs.5000 +

For hair shorter than chin-length, that requires more detailed work. Includes wash and blow-dry.

Adult - Medium 60 min

Rs.6000 +

Adult - Long 60 min

Rs.7000 +

Adult - Long Advanced 60 min

Rs.8000 +

For shoulder length and longer hair that is dense and thick or that requires extra time and attention. Includes wash and blow-dry.

Shape BG

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